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Weekly Suggestions for Living More Sustainably

Weekly Suggestions for a More Sustainable Life
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All Members , Moderated
This community will contain weekly suggestions for improving the environmental sustainability of our individual lives. Anyone can join. Members are welcome to comment on the weekly suggestion -- tell us about your successes with the week's suggestion and let's cheer each other's progress; Tell us about your frustrations with the suggestion, and we'll brainstorm possible solutions.

Please keep comments relevant and respectful--every human being has the potential to serve this planet, if encouraged and treated well.

This community is being started by light_of_summer. I'll be maintaining it for now.

Update, 5/12/07: I've opened up posting to community members, but would like to keep us on a schedule of one suggestion post per week. Please sign up for the weekend when you want to post by following the posting sign-ups link on this page or on the recent entries page for this community. Thanks!