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Comment to the EPA re Global Warming

Hi, All,

Behind the cut is a piece of email I got from the We Campaign, urging that USA folks comment to the Environmental Protection Agency by Friday, re whether we think the EPA should regulate carbon dioxide pollution, which is a major factor in climate change. Please take a moment to go to and fill in the web-form to tell them YES!


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Announcement re sustain_weekly community

Hi, sustain_weekly Community Members,

I'd like to acknowledge that my postings to sustain_weekly have not been on time, lately--I may be absent or irregular about posting for an unpredictable number of weeks to come, as well.

Any of you are welcome to post sustainability suggestions while I'm off working on putting theory into practice--either new suggestions or repeats of suggestions from past weeks.

As always, thanks for your participation!

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Suggestion for Week #85 (or so): Check Sunscreen Ingredients!

Do you expect to have sunscreen or sunblock on your shopping list any time soon? If so, look for brands that do contain zinc oxide or titanium oxide. Try to avoid brands that include the following ingredients:

- PABA: skin irritant
- Benzophenone-3: hormone disruptor
- Homosalate: hormone disruptor
- Octyl-methoxycinnamate (octinoxate): hormone disruptor
- Padimate-0: damages DNA
- Parsol 1789: damages DNA
- Parabens: hormone disruptor
- Insect repellents (DEET): skin and eye irritant

For more information about healthy sunscreen use, see the Smart Shopper's Sunblock Card at

You may also want to review a previous post in this community: Suggestion for Week #65: Check Body-Care Product Ingredients.

Additional resources are available at

Do you have a particular sunscreen or sunblock that you would recommend--or not recommend? If so, please let us know in the comments. Thanks for participating!
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Suggestion for Week #84 (or so): Sign Call for Climate Commitments at G8

Hi, All,

The following link takes you to a petition hosted by, calling for Japan's Prime Minister to provide leadership at the upcoming G8 conference by supporting binding commitments to greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. Please sign today, if possible--they'll be delivering the petition tomorrow:

Addendum to last week's book review:

I've now heard a lot more of the book I mentioned last week, Earth: The Sequel: The Race to Reinvent Energy and Stop Global Warming, by Fred Krupp and Miriam Horn. As I got deeper into the book, the material expanded to include fascinating information about biofuels, energy production from the motion of ocean waves, and new geothermal energy technologies. The tone of the book remains booster-ish, but the authors do take some time to discuss the ecological, political, and financial challenges involved in developing even the cleanest and greenest energy sources. Very worthwhile!

Thanks for participating!
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Suggestion for Week #83 (or so): Tracking Your Activism

Do you receive a lot of emails asking you to sign petitions or call public officials? I do--sometimes several organizations send me similar emails about the same issue. I've found myself losing track of whether or not I've already contacted an official about a particular issue, and sometimes I don't sign or call because I'm not sure whether I already did. So I'm going to try tracking these sorts of small political acts in a simple spreadsheet, starting today.

Do you have a different way of keeping track of your calls and petition-signings? Or ideas for what might work better? If so, please share them in the comments to this post!

As an apology for not posting to sustain_weekly last week, here's a mini-review of a recently-published book on a major sustainability issue: Read more...Collapse )

Comments and questions are welcome in this community. Thanks for participating!
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Suggestion for Week #79: Keep Plastic Reference Handy!

This week, I recommend checking out and bookmarking the following article about food safety related to plastics:

This article includes reference info about plastic labeling, and several good tips for increasing the safety and sustainability of your plastic use related to food. Do you use plastic containers in your microwave? Do you own a plastic water bottle? Do very young children live with you or visit you regularly? If so, there are things in this article that are particularly well worth knowing. And the article is only four pages long, including the footnotes, so reading it won't take a big bite out of your day.

Comments, questions, and constructive feedback of all sorts are welcome in this community. Thanks for participating!
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Suggestions for Week #78: More about Re-Use and Recycling

So, we know where to recycle our glass, aluminum, paper, and so on. But what about stuff that we've never heard about anyone taking?

In the process of trying to find out more about re-use of CDs and DVDs, I ran across some useful info about reusing and recycling all kinds of things: Read more...Collapse )

Questions and comments are welcome in this community. Thanks for participating!