You Can Support the First EPA Limits on Carbon Pollution

Here's a very quick and worthwhile petition-signing request from the Climate Reality Project ( Note that this petition is not limited to USA folks--it just asks you for your name, email address, and country. Please join in!
The climate movement is about to take a giant step forward: The EPA has proposed the first national standard to limit carbon pollution. This is exciting: And we have a petition for you to show your support.

Carbon pollution is causing the climate crisis. That weird, dirty weather you’ve been having – blame carbon pollution. Where does this pollution come from? The answer is simple: 40% of all carbon pollution in the United States comes from power plants.

If this rule goes into effect, no new dirty, climate-change-causing power plants will be built.
[In the USA, anyway. Emphasis added by me.--light_of_summer]

So, now that you’re up to speed, what do you say? Will you tell the EPA you support the first-ever limit on carbon pollution? It’s easy. Just sign our petition to show your support:

Thank you!

Democrats Voting Against Clean Air: We're Watching

Hi, All,

Yesterday, in the U.S. Senate, four amendments attacking the Clean Air Act each failed to get the required 60 votes to pass. But before these votes could fail, 17 Democrats sided with big polluters and radical Republicans, and cast at least one vote to undermine the Clean Air Act's ability to limit carbon pollution.

I just signed a petition, telling these "Dirty Air Democrats" that I won't forget this vote. Will you click the link below and do likewise?

FYI, here are the names of the Democrat Senators who voted to block, delay or limit the Clean Air Act: Sens. Baucus (D-MT), Begich (D-AK), Hagan (D-NC), Levin (D-MI), Brown (D-OH), Casey (D-PA), Conrad (D-ND), Johnson (D-SD), Klobuchar (D-MN), Pryor (D-AR), Stabenow (D-MI), Landrieu (D-LA), Manchin (D-WV), McCaskill (D-MO), Nelson (D-NE), Rockefeller (D-WV), Webb (D-VA)

Help Hold the Line!

Part of the challenge of moving our planet toward sustainability is finding ways to encourage smaller families.

Unfortunately, in the USA, the House of Representatives just voted to cancel ALL funds to health clinics like Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthoods and local health centers like them provide birth control, Pap tests, and prenatal care to millions of low-income people every year. And apparently more than half of the members of the House of Representatives want to stop funding these clinics!

It's up to the Senate to say "no."

If you are a citizen of the USA, please send a quick email to hold the line on funding this compassionate and valuable resource for moving toward true sustainability:

Thanks for speaking out!

Request for USA Voters: Sign for Clean Energy

Hi, All,

Tomorrow, President Obama is meeting with a bipartisan group of Senate energy leaders to decide what kind of legislation to pursue in response to the Gulf oil disaster. I just co-signed a letter to President Obama and Senate leaders, urging them to pass comprehensive climate and clean energy legislation. If you haven't already done so, would you please join me? The following link will take you to the letter and the VERY brief form and button you can use to use to sign, too:

Please help build public pressure for our leaders to do the right thing.

Thanks very much!

U.S.A. Voters: Call Your Senators re Energy/Climate

Hi, voting USA sustain_weekly Folks,

If you haven't already done so, please call your Senators, this week, to urge them to pass comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation this year, including investment in clean energy, creation of green jobs, and limits on harmful carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas pollution.

If you'd like to be reminded of these talking points, get connected to one of your Senators without looking up her or his phone number, and do it toll-free, you can call 1-877-9-REPOWER (1-877-9-737-6937).

If you'd rather skip the talking points and pay for your own calls, you can call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at 1-202-224-3121 and ask for your senator's office. After you've expressed your opinion, you can ask to be transferred to your other senator's office.

Add your voice to the 40,000+ people who have called their Senators about this issue, this week--help to drown out the planet-endangering lobbying of the oil and coal industries!

For more info about this campaign see


Pressure for Climate Agreements

At the Copenhagen climate conference that is now in its last days, the USA, among others, is lagging well behind the level of commitment that science says is needed to avoid climate catastrophe. Europe and Japan have made commitments that are much better.

There's an internet effort currently in progress to pressure world leaders to make binding agreements at levels that will actually do the job. Effort organizers have put together a one-paragraph petition and are aming to deliver 15 million signatures today. As of right now, the count is 13,744,336. The count has gone up by more than 3000 in the last half an hour.

If you haven't done so already, please consider signing and passing the word. Thank you.
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Climate Action Day: October 24th

Events are taking place world-wide on Saturday, October 24th, to urge political leaders to take faster action to address climate change. If your day is not already fully scheduled, browse to the following map, and zoom in to your geographical area to find out about events near you.

Why now? To avoid truly catastrophic climate change, the levels of CO2 in the earth's atmosphere need to be brought back down to 350 parts per million. We're currently at 387 parts per million, and levels are still rising by 2ppm every year. There's an international climate summit coming up in a few weeks, in Copenhagen. Take one of October 24th's opportunities to add your voice to the call for action!

More info available at