Karen E. Summerly (light_of_summer) wrote in sustain_weekly,
Karen E. Summerly

Pledge Pipeline Resistance!

Received from 350.org via email:

Donald Trump has signed executive actions restarting the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline and the Dakota Access fracked oil pipeline.

Millions of people have shown their opposition to these projects and we are asking everyone who spoke up, marched or sat-in to stand up and show Trump that he has severely miscalculated and pledge to resist these projects and any other fossil fuel project that violates the science of climate action, the rights of Tribes and the will of the people.

Join the Pledge of Pipeline Resistance to be part of the first wave of action to stop Trump's pipeline plans: http://act.350.org/sign/nokxl-nodapl-pipeline-pledge

Edited to add: Urge the Army Corps of Engineers not to cooperate: https://colorofchange.org/campaigns/oppose-trump-dapl

Tags: climate change, nodapl, noxl, post-11/8
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