Karen E. Summerly (light_of_summer) wrote in sustain_weekly,
Karen E. Summerly

For USA voters--petition to stop Ohio disenfranchisement


In a last-minute directive issued Friday night that could disenfranchise thousands of Ohioans and tip the outcome of the election, Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted changed requirements for submitting provisional ballots on Election Day.

The directive requires voters, not election officials, to fill out a confusing form listing the type of ID they provided to vote. This new directive is a clear violation of Ohio law and puts even more votes at risk of not being counted.

Secretary Husted has also instructed election officials to not count ballots where that part of the form has not been correctly filled out by the voter.

That's why I signed a petition to Jon Husted, Secretary of State and Governor John Kasich. (I think we all know which presidential candidate is most likely to take steps toward sustainability, and which candidate is likely to be helped by this last-minute change to voting rules.)

Will you sign this petition? Click here:



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