Karen E. Summerly (light_of_summer) wrote in sustain_weekly,
Karen E. Summerly

Climate Action Day: October 24th

Events are taking place world-wide on Saturday, October 24th, to urge political leaders to take faster action to address climate change. If your day is not already fully scheduled, browse to the following map, and zoom in to your geographical area to find out about events near you.


Why now? To avoid truly catastrophic climate change, the levels of CO2 in the earth's atmosphere need to be brought back down to 350 parts per million. We're currently at 387 parts per million, and levels are still rising by 2ppm every year. There's an international climate summit coming up in a few weeks, in Copenhagen. Take one of October 24th's opportunities to add your voice to the call for action!

More info available at http://www.350.org.


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